Divine Details: Bamboo Shades


Hello Zhush readers! Long time no see. It's Katy Byrne from Designs By Katy, back with another Divine Details post. As you've probably noticed, Sue has been making many updates to her new home. One thing she's considering is bamboo woven window shades. I love these, and miss them dearly from our previous home. Take a look: as you can see, they fit a wide range of styles.


Aren't they lovely? Such a timeless accent (and so beautifully layered with drapery panels). Don't forget to come visit me at my interiors blog, Designs By Katy. Sue, it's always a pleasure!
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Blue and White: Always Right

It's no secret I love blue and white decor. My own house has several rooms devoted to this classic color combination and I always have my on eye something new. Yesterday I was browsing a few home design shops in Westport, CT, when I overheard one woman tell her friend (who was contemplating buying these very urns) "Blue and white's always right!"

For some funny reason this stayed with me all I decided to do a post on a few of my favorite blue and white finds.

PS: Even more blue and white interior inspo!


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Blogger Home Tour: Flourish Design and Style

I've been following Sarah Swanson's blog Flourish, Design and Style for a long time. Over the years, I've watched Sarah build her e-design business and her charming Etsy water color art shop...(I even did a post about this back in 2014). More recently, I was thrilled to see Sarah's beautiful home featured over at Avenue Calgary Magazine.

There's a lot to love about Sarah's stylish  and laid back aesthetic. The creamy whites and warm rustic details add up to a chic and sophisticated home with a very relaxed vibe-I especially love her serene bedroom set up. Congrats Sarah on this beautiful feature!

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Book Review: Beautiful By Mark D. SIkes

I've been checking my mail box for the last few days, waiting for my review copy of Mark D. Sikes first book, Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style. That's just a small indication of how excited I am about this book!

As a big fan of Mark's fabulous interiors (I've written about them before here and here) I'll often turn to Mark's chic body of work as inspiration for my own home. So it's especially convenient to have all of his best hits perfectly captured in this new book.The title really sums up my idea of Mark's style...all American and timeless for sure and of course, always beautiful! Here's just a very small sample of some of my favorites from Beautiful: All-American Decorating and Timeless Style...

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 I received a free cope of this book from the publisher, but this did not influence my opinion here.
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